Monday, September 19, 2011

"Not Sure What I Am Calling This" Shawl

This is the Cobble Shawl by Kitman Figueroa. So far it hasn't quite spoken to me as far as naming it. I've been uninspired with names, lately. I'm knitting it with Stricken Smitten's Smitten Merino Nylon Twist in the Espresso Glazed Rose colorway. The yarn is nice and smooshy; the colors are great! I will definitely be purchasing more when I have the excuse to! I am alternating between two skeins and getting a bit more striping than I was expecting, but I still don't think it is too noticeable.

I have modified the pattern a little bit. In the cobble sections I have gone with seed stitch instead of garter stitch. And I have changed the pattern as written when the decreases get close to the cabled stockinette stitches. The designer has you stop cabling the stitch once it gets close to the decrease side; it is just knitted until the decreases reach it. I didn't like the way this turned out (shown in pic below). It ended up warping the stitch line a bit, and it wasn't pleasing to my eye. So, I changed it.

What I ended up doing once the stockinette stitch got close to a decrease I would just continue cabling as the pattern would dictate if not for the decreases. When it came time that I would basically be cabling into a decrease I did just that. I would switch the two stitches without actually knitting them, knit the decrease, and continue on in pattern. This continued the pattern quite nicely, I think.

I can understand why the designer didn't bother putting this into her pattern. Quite frankly it would be a big pain in the rear to try to word out. So, it doesn't detract from the quality of the pattern for me. It's just that I can sometimes be picky about my knitting.