Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my first knitted top

i decided amongst all my custom orders i needed to make abby something. i then decided that that something needed to be a top. so here it is. it's the rainbow dress pattern --- but i modified it a bit. first i made the skirt part shorter so that it would be more of a top and for the hem i did a ruffled picot edge bind off. i LOVE how it turned out!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Jonah's Christmas Hat

okay, so i've been busy while on vacation! this is the first part jonah's christmas present. i tried my hand at duplicate stitch and am happy with how my first try came out. not perfect but legible! the second half will be a scarf that i haven't started yet b/c i don't know how i want to design it yet....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dishcloth #2

Here's another dishcloth I decided to knit up. This one took a bit longer than the previous one, but I like the pattern. It's similar to the ballband dishcloth, but different in it's own unique way. This dishcloth is called the Stripes & Band Textured Cloth. The picture on their site does not quite do it justice. Stay tuned because there are more dishcloths to come!

Baby Fern Dishcloth

I needed to do something productive for myself & this dishcloth was my solution. This is the Baby Fern Pattern. I knitted this on sz. 7 DPNs. It took me about 2 hours to complete the entire dishcloth. Super cute & super easy!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Andrew's Longies

So inspired by Jill, I decided to cast on for Andrew's longies. I'm not making them for diapering purposes instead only because I think they are adorable. I am making the Knitty pattern Cargo. They are super cute. So far I have about 3 inches done on the first leg (as you see). The only modification I have made is to not sew the cuff up under the leg. I decided that was too hard & that I would just leave the little purl row as a detail for the cuff instead. I will try my best to keep you posted on my progress.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My First Sock

It has been a while since I posted anything and that is due to my endeavors at sock making! I have been so anxious to try it, and the perfect excuse came to me in the form of my mother. She wanted my sister to buy socks for the grandkids as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. My loverly sister suggested we might make them instead. Yes!!! A wonderful opportunity to spend moolah!! Out I went and bought yarn and needles and I was off!! Oh, except I had the hardest time thereafter finding a pattern. Everything I looked at suggested a certain yarn and certain needle size for the baby sock, but then just said to go up a few sizes in needle for the toddler sock. Well, I had already bought the smaller sized needles, and was not about to go out and buy some more! Again, my wonderful sister saves the day by recommending I go to a blog that features pattern calculators. Here is the link to the website.

The calculator was a great help, but it took knitting my first sock to see that the toe recommendations might not be ideal for an infant's or toddler's sock. Aso, I completely butchered the Kitchener stitch, which you can see below. That probably was the part that took me the longest to get the hang of. By my third sock I had finally managed to make it look halfway decent.

So, my first sock was a complete failure in one sense, but at least I learned how to make them.

Emmaline's Sweater

I just wanted to post an update on my progress with Emmaline's sweater. This project has been a labour of love. I haven't been too overly excited about this project, which I believe is mainly caused by the fact that I am knitting it very tightly. I wish it would have occurred to me to just go down a needle size. Blast my flakiness!!

Well, I have finished the two sleeves, and have gotten about as far as I can go on the back before knitting up the hoodie. Now I am knitting up the front 'til it is the same length of the back. I am soooo close to being done with this project, and I shall be soooo glad when I am, as it has been a burden on my shoulders.

So far the yarn has held up really well, but I have noticed that some of the fibers tend to come off and stick to my hands. I think that is mainly caused, though, by how tightly I am having to hold the yarn.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hand Towel

I decided to make this hand towel that was included in the Mason Dixon knitting book. I just love the chevron stripes pattern. Decided to make this with my Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Naturals yarn. Turned out great! I can't wait to make more!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Ball Band Dishcloth

Jill & I were contemplating making this rag yesterday but decided on another pattern because we couldn't figure this one out. I don't know what mode my brain was in yesterday but when I looked at the pattern today, I felt silly that yesterday I couldn't figure it out.

I just love the way this dishcloth came out. My only complaint with it is that the sides aren't perfectly straight. I think next time I knit this, I'll add a border on the ends to keep this from happening. It's just going to sit in the kitchen so I'm not sure what difference it makes to others, but it matters to me!

I used Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Natural yarn, which is 100% cotton & size 8 needles. This pattern can be found here. Great pattern for a really cute, super scrubby washrag. I was able to complete this in a few hours today.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Washcloths for Maggie

Jill & I decided to cast on for some washcloths together. I finished mine earlier today & decided these would make really good housewarming gifts for a friend of mine who recently relocated. I don't know any woman that couldn't use new dishcloths! (Now I have to cast on for some for myself!) I hope Maggie & Curtis will get many years of use out of these.

These were made with Sugar 'N Cream yarn on size 7 needles. I used my nickle plated knit picks needles for this cloth. I like them a lot but I'm such a loose knitter that it was hard to keep my stitches on there if I wasn't really careful. The pattern is called DW Knitted Dishcloth. It was super simple to make & took less than one full skein of yarn! You better believe I'll be making more of these for my own kitchen stash!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Is Here!

So with Fall being officially upon us, I thought it would be really cute to knit up a couple of pumpkins for my family to decorate their homes with. This is my first pumpkin. He doesn't have a stem yet, but will have one tomorrow. This was really super easy to make & knitted up very quickly. The pattern is available for free here. I love experimenting with new things when it comes to knitting. And this is a really fun way to do it!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Birthday Present

I started this scarf and hat set about a year ago. It was meant to be a birthday present for my husband last year. In between moving and a newborn baby the project got lost somewhere in my memory. I picked up the scarf again sometime this past February and finished it sometime later. (I can't remember). About two weeks ago I got into a knitting funk and didn't want to work on any of my projects, but I still wanted to knit. Suddenly, the fact that I still had to knit the hat to match David's scarf popped into my mind, and I got to work. The hat is my first ever completed hat.

I used Baby Alpaca Grande yarn by Plymouth Yarn, color number 679. The picture doesn't do justice to the color of this yarn; it is a beautiful deep emerald green with traces of blue. This yarn is luxuriously soft, and I loved working with it! I knitted the scarf on size 10.5 Ebony Lantern Moon needles, and the hat on size 10 Coconut Palm Lantern Moon needles. Both sets of needles were 14 inches long, which worked great for the hat, but was a bit too long for the scarf. The pattern is from Plymouth Yarn, No56, Peruvian Hat and Matching Scarf. I, however, knitted the hat without the earflaps.

Things I learned with this pattern/project:
How to make a cable

An Empty Box #1

I have finished my hat for Trystan. Now I will tell you again that guage swatching is IMPORTANT! In my great anticipation for starting a new type of project, I decided to forego the prescribed gauge swatch and just dive right in. Therefore, I ended up with a hat that fits my ten-month old daughter quite well! Haha! Oh well, you win some, you lose some. I have a partial skein left, so I may try to just make another hat using less stitches. I figured out that the pattern I am using is divisible by six, so maybe I will subtract one or two sets of six to make it fitting for a newborn baby. I don't want to buy smaller DPN, since my needle fund is kind of bankrupt at the moment. Here are some pictures of my all too unwilling model showing off my very first knit-in-the-round hat!

She's such a drama queen!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Welcome a New Knitter!

Last night my youngest sister, Elin & her husband came over to visit my daughter for her birthday. We chatted away & had a good time just in fellowship with one another.

While Elin was here, I suggested that maybe I teach her how to knit. (Rod had seen the socks I knitted for Luke & was wondering where his pair were.) So I thought no time better than the present for her to learn. And thankfully, she was willing to indulge her older, somewhat pushy sister!

I grabbed some scrap yarn & a pair of needles & off she went! I showed her how to do the cast on (which she got right away), the knit stitch (which she got right away) & the purl stitch (which she got right away)! I was really shocked at how quickly she caught on. She did a great job.

So we ran back downstairs to the "stash" so she could pick out some yarn she liked a little better than the scrap yarn that I had. She decided that she'd like to start simply & make a scarf (which I thought was a great idea). And by the time she left, she had done 10 rows! I was so impressed with her!

She called today to let me know of the current status of her knitting & I am proud to report that she finished one whole skein of yarn & wanted to know how to join on the 2nd skein!

P.S. - She got a new haircut yesterday. Doesn't it look fab???

Friday, September 19, 2008

Andrew's Blankie

I finally finished Andrew's baby blanket. It took me forever to find a pattern that I really liked. And while the basket weave isn't my favorite, it does the trick. It's more boyish than most of the other free patterns I was able to find.

This blanket was knitted on size 11 Lantern Moon Rosewood needles. It took approximately 8 skeins of yarn. I chose Patons Rumor yarn because it was so soft, however, it sheds little hairs everywhere as you're knitting with it. I love the color changes within the yarn. The yarn really makes a nice, soft, warm blanket. It came out larger than I realized. It always looked so small as I was knitting it & when I measured it today it came out to 40" wide x 6' long! So this will definitely be a blanket he can use for a long time!

I hope it will be something he will always keep & cuddle with - even long after he's married! Maybe he can pass it on to his children to come.

Box #4

Box number four is going to be a blanket for my friend Katherine's little boy. I found a neat pattern for a diagonally striped blanket. It's pretty simple, but I figured I would need something pretty simple since the yarn is already textured and has variegated colors. It would just be overkill to have an intricate pattern. I picked up some Lion Brand Homespun yarn in colors 399(Apple Green), 395(Meadow), 302(Colonial), and 335(Prairie). I am unsure, yet, of which size needles I will use. More than likeley they will be Lantern Moon circulars.

Box #3

Box number three contains my "Dollar-and-a-Half" sweater!! Yea! This is going to be an everyday, around-the-house sweater for me, however it will still be luxurious. I am using two different colors and types of yarn for this project. The main color is a suri merino yarn from Blue Sky Alpaca. It is 60% baby suri alpaca and 40% merino wool, and the color number is 419. It is a beautiful burgundy red. The second, more minor color is Blue Sky Alpaca's sports weight 100% baby alpaca yarn; its color number is 508, a medium grey. Both yarns are luxuriously soft, and I cannot wait to put this baby on. I am knitting this project on size 9 Lantern Moon Ebony circular needles. Things I have learned with this project so far:

How to PSSO
Gauge swatching is essential! (I did FIVE gauge swatches before I got the right needle size)

Box #2

In box number two we find a lovely little sweater being knit for my darling little girl! This is my first sweater project. I am knitting it on size 7 Addi Turbo circular needles. I have only knitted on Lantern Moon wooden needles (which I LOVE, by the way), so it took me a while to get used to the Addis. I began this project on size 5 needles when I realized I had done the gauge swatch in the wrong stitch. Erin encouraged me to redo the gauge swatch, which I eventually did and found out I had knitted a third of this sweater for nothing!

So, frog away I did...it was slightly depressing starting all over again. However, I have past already what I had knitted with what I am knitting now. I am knitting both the back and front at the same time, and plan to do so with the sleeves as well. So far I am almost half way up on my body of the sweater. I am hoping to have it done in time to give to Emmaline as a Christmas present.

I am using Royal Llama Linen by Plymouth Yarn, which is a mixture of Fine Llama, Silk, and Linen. The color number is 1548. So far I have really enjoyed working with this yarn. My one and only complaint is that I have found burrs from the linen part of the yarn still in the yarn, however it has been pretty easy to pick out the few that I have encountered with out doing any damage to the structure of the yarn.

Box #1

In box number one I have my first ever douple-pointed needles (DPN) project!! I am so excited about this one. It was so intimidating and challenging that I was actually dying to try it. I had heard so many horror stories about gaps and loose knitting, so I thought, "Hmm...that sounds really difficult. I have to do it!" Most of the time I put off things like this because I am afraid, but I decided to grab the devil by the horns; I was surprised by how easy it is once I got the hang of it. Granted, though, that it is a really simple baby hat just knit in the stockinette stitch, but I am still proud of it and myself! This hat is for my friend Katherine's little boy who hopefully will be born on my birthday! I am knitting this hat on Lantern Moon Ebony DPN size 7, and the yarn is Sugar N' Cream color number 02214 Sunny Sky.

Things I have learned with this project:

How to pick up a dropped knit stitch (one of my stitches fell off the end of my DPN and I had to repair it. Not as hard as I expected)
How to knit in the round! Yea!

Yarn Stash

I am sure all of us knitters have a lot of yarn stashed somewhere that we have no earthly idea what we are going to do with it, but it looked so pretty, or soft, or neat that we just HAD to get it!! I started off stashing my yarns in a three tier rubbermaid container that is probably two and a half feet wide. It is now FULL!! (Gasp, Horror, the Shock of it all!) Upon having nowhere to place my newly purchased yarns, I decided I would separate my knitting yarns and projects from my crocheting yarns and projects. Off to the store I went and purchased a smaller container (at the time I wasn't really planning on going overboard. Haha, what a joke!) which would hold my needles and notions along with my yarns and patterns. This worked out until I finished my first ever knitting project. Then I became an unfortunate victim of the knitting bug; I got bit by it and have suffered from its malady ever since.

I now have five projects on the needle and needed somewhere to separately put all of my current projects. I hated having to open the drawers to my rubbermaid container, so I looked into a knitting basket. Upon finding some online, I realized I did not wish to pay that much for something like that, plus most of them had no way of closing. I have to protect my yarn from my two dogs who think they are cats. I can't tell you how many times I have come home, having left a skein or two out, and yarn is everywhere! So I decided to go to my local Hobby Lobby to see if I could find a cheap basket and some fabric to sew into it. And then I saw these:

They're perfect!!! And pretty. They close on their own, so I don't need to sew a fabric closure into them. Now I have somewhere to put my projects so they are not all over each other, AND it only cost me $20!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Finished Socks

So here are the socks finally completed. I got the heel turned & the gusset stitches picked up as well as began working on the foot of the sock before I realized that my sock was too big & not correctly formed. Painfully, I frogged both of the socks in an effort to begin afresh & anew.

In the meantime, I asked around on Ravelry & was able to get some excellent guidance. I don't know where I'd be without that site! The people on there were a tremendous help.

After a few days of negotiating with myself on whether or not to start back up with the socks, I finally buckled under Luke's persistent begging. While they are by no means perfect or even pretty, they are done! I'm proud of myself for figuring it out & sticking with it. They were extremely stressful & I'm glad to have them off my queue of things to do. And now I can move on to other new things!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Day 2 - Socks

So here's what I've accomplished on Day 2. I've gotten the cuffs done!!! Well, almost. They are measuring 5 3/4" & they need to be 6". So maybe a row or two more & I should be ready to move on! I'm a bit nervous now because here comes the hard part! The cuff was surprisingly easier than I thought & I really enjoyed working on it. I love this yarn. It's so soft & nice & stretchy. Should make for super warm socks!

Friday, September 5, 2008

My First Pair of Socks

So, I never do the projects I say I'm going to do next. Seems to be my tendency to not be able to follow through with what I say. :-(

The Hubs has been begging me to make him a pair of socks. I have checked out countless books at the library in search of how to learn how to knit socks on two circulars. I found this really awesome book with great pictures & everything! So I decided to cast on with my yarn & make a pair of socks.

Well, I couldn't get past the casting on part. I got all my stitches cast & ready to go, but I just couldn't figure out how to knit in rows. Which end did I start with? Do I knit both sides with the same thread? Does a row go all the way around or is it just one side? I was so confused. So I decided to frog the socks & wait until I could take a class.

Desperate for his socks (he must really be dreading the winter cold!), the Hubs found a few videos on YouTube for me to watch on how to knit two socks on two circulars. Cat Bordhi's videos were especially helpful. Her way of describing this are a bit weird, but believe me, it will stick in your head! You'll never forget what you're supposed to do. :-)

As I was knitting a gift for someone else, the whole thing finally clicked in my head! I had renewed desire to make socks again! So last night I cast on for a pair of socks for the Hubs. My first pair of socks. It took me a while to get the stitches cast on & my yarn situated so it wouldn't get tangled all in itself. But I finally got it all worked out & was able to complete a few rows.

I'm using Patons Shetland Chunky yarn in Charcoal on size 8 circular needles. The pattern I'm using is called Chunky, Cozy Cotton Socks from the book "Knitting Circles Around Socks". Thankfully my library had it so I didn't have to buy the book, but I'm seriously contemplating it! (I'm a firm believer in getting things for free!) I'll post updates on my progress! I'm so excited & can't wait to see the finished project!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ode to a Darling Sister

As a new contributer to Peaches 'N Purls I would like to take the time to praise the original creator of this blog, my wonderful sister, Erin. I am so proud of you! Not just because of how you have taken off with knitting, but also because you are such an inspiration to me. You are a woman worth looking up to and emulating, pursuing your ideals and aspirations on being more Godly wife, mother, and woman over all. I am so impressed by how quickly you have picked up knitting and just gone with it, looking for new challenges, neat yarns, and the perfect needle! And I am so glad we can share getting giddy over a particularly scrumptious yarn, or neat pattern. I am just so excited that this is yet one more common bond between us!

On days when you are feeling down and out I hope you come back to read this and know how much I love you, and, again, how proud of you I am.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Evans' Housewarming Gifts

This is one of two washcloths I've made for Bethany & Billy's new house. Congrats on your first home!!! These are made with the Elvish Leaves pattern. I am so proud of how they turned out. This is my first attempt at such a "complex" pattern (you have to remember that I'm a new knitter!). I really enjoyed making these & enjoyed the challenge of the pattern. Only took me a few hours for each cloth. And hopefully Bethany & Billy will get some good use out of them for years to come!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Layla's Blanket

This is a blanket I made for my niece (who should be making her debut soon!). It's made with Yarn Bee Highland Thistle yarn in the color Galloway. Again, I chose the feather & fans pattern with size 10 needles & I absolutely adore it with this yarn! This is by far my most favorite blanket that I've made so far. I hope Layla can get lots of use from it! And hopefully it will be a keepsake for her for years to come.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Book Review

Since I have "mastered" the Feathers & Fan pattern (the only pattern I've actually knitted!), I decided that I wanted to branch out. So in an effort to diversify my knitting efforts, I have been checking knitting books out at the library left & right! I got one today that I just have to rave about because it is awesome! The book is called 200 Stitch Patterns for Baby Blankets by Jan Eaton. Let me just say WOW! This book is for knitters & crocheters alike! She has a lot of cute patterns that are much different than what you can find online. Also, it's nice that she specifies which patterns are knitted & which ones are crocheted. If you're interested in making baby blankets as gifts or to sell, I would definitely recommend purchasing this book! (You could rent it from the library, but how would you ever write down all the fantastic patterns in it!)

Feathers & Fans

My sister purchased the Feathers & Fans pattern from Muench Yarns. I have used it several times since she shared it with me. This is the second blanket I made using the pattern. It's super easy to knit & goes quickly. It usually takes me around 4 - 5 days to knit this pattern using the right yarn! With this blanket, I used size 11 needles with 4 skeins of LionBrand Homespun yarn. I wish I could remember the name of the color, but unfortunately, I had already thrown out the paper. This blanket is up for sale in My Etsy Shop.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You've Found Me!

Welcome to my new knitting blog! I am a new knitter - just recently learning about 2 months ago. Since then I've made several baby blankets. I will use this blog to display my projects as well as link to other informative sites on Knitting. I hope you guys will enjoy this & come back frequently to check out what I've done as well as to maybe inspire you to take up knitting yourselves! Thanks for visiting!