Friday, September 19, 2008

Box #1

In box number one I have my first ever douple-pointed needles (DPN) project!! I am so excited about this one. It was so intimidating and challenging that I was actually dying to try it. I had heard so many horror stories about gaps and loose knitting, so I thought, "Hmm...that sounds really difficult. I have to do it!" Most of the time I put off things like this because I am afraid, but I decided to grab the devil by the horns; I was surprised by how easy it is once I got the hang of it. Granted, though, that it is a really simple baby hat just knit in the stockinette stitch, but I am still proud of it and myself! This hat is for my friend Katherine's little boy who hopefully will be born on my birthday! I am knitting this hat on Lantern Moon Ebony DPN size 7, and the yarn is Sugar N' Cream color number 02214 Sunny Sky.

Things I have learned with this project:

How to pick up a dropped knit stitch (one of my stitches fell off the end of my DPN and I had to repair it. Not as hard as I expected)
How to knit in the round! Yea!

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Erin said...

I have this yarn too! I haven't done anything with it yet though. This will make a super cute baby hat!