Monday, September 22, 2008

Birthday Present

I started this scarf and hat set about a year ago. It was meant to be a birthday present for my husband last year. In between moving and a newborn baby the project got lost somewhere in my memory. I picked up the scarf again sometime this past February and finished it sometime later. (I can't remember). About two weeks ago I got into a knitting funk and didn't want to work on any of my projects, but I still wanted to knit. Suddenly, the fact that I still had to knit the hat to match David's scarf popped into my mind, and I got to work. The hat is my first ever completed hat.

I used Baby Alpaca Grande yarn by Plymouth Yarn, color number 679. The picture doesn't do justice to the color of this yarn; it is a beautiful deep emerald green with traces of blue. This yarn is luxuriously soft, and I loved working with it! I knitted the scarf on size 10.5 Ebony Lantern Moon needles, and the hat on size 10 Coconut Palm Lantern Moon needles. Both sets of needles were 14 inches long, which worked great for the hat, but was a bit too long for the scarf. The pattern is from Plymouth Yarn, No56, Peruvian Hat and Matching Scarf. I, however, knitted the hat without the earflaps.

Things I learned with this pattern/project:
How to make a cable

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Jeannine said...

This is awesome! I am getting ready to learn to cable!! Thanks for the post!! Beautiful color!