Sunday, September 21, 2008

Welcome a New Knitter!

Last night my youngest sister, Elin & her husband came over to visit my daughter for her birthday. We chatted away & had a good time just in fellowship with one another.

While Elin was here, I suggested that maybe I teach her how to knit. (Rod had seen the socks I knitted for Luke & was wondering where his pair were.) So I thought no time better than the present for her to learn. And thankfully, she was willing to indulge her older, somewhat pushy sister!

I grabbed some scrap yarn & a pair of needles & off she went! I showed her how to do the cast on (which she got right away), the knit stitch (which she got right away) & the purl stitch (which she got right away)! I was really shocked at how quickly she caught on. She did a great job.

So we ran back downstairs to the "stash" so she could pick out some yarn she liked a little better than the scrap yarn that I had. She decided that she'd like to start simply & make a scarf (which I thought was a great idea). And by the time she left, she had done 10 rows! I was so impressed with her!

She called today to let me know of the current status of her knitting & I am proud to report that she finished one whole skein of yarn & wanted to know how to join on the 2nd skein!

P.S. - She got a new haircut yesterday. Doesn't it look fab???


snelson's said...

yay elin!!!!!!! and yes - LOVE the hair!

Eva said...


I'm so proud of you!!! Another sister to share a great craft with. You know what this means!!! Sisters weekend getaway to have a knit in!! Hee hee!