Friday, February 26, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

JP's Teddy Bear

This project stemmed from a hat I was supposed to make on behalf of my friend's Aunt. She had made a sweater for my friend's little boy and had yarn left over, from which I was supposed to make a matching hat. Well, Christmas came along, and my gift knitting kind of took over. I forgot all about the hat. After Christmas had passed I called my friend to get a measurement of her baby's head, only to find out that he had already outgrown his sweater.

I had intended to make this teddy bear for him anyhow, so I figured it would be made all the more special by the fact that it was knitted with the yarn that his sweater had been made of. Hopefully, both baby and mommy will like it.

This is the body of the bear.

And these are the arms.

I am knitting this on size 4 needles and using Plymouth Yarn Baby Bunny in colors 204-Blue and 206-Celery. The pattern for this bear is free, and can be found here. The pattern calls for size 3 needles and a DK/Sport weight yarn. Since Baby Bunny is considered worsted weight I went with the size 4's, but I think I could have used the size 3's. The knitted pieces probably would have been a bit tighter.

We'll see how it goes. I'm really looking forward to completing this project, just to see how it all turns out. This will be my first ever stuffed animal.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Headband/Neckwarmer Test Knit

This is a test knit I did for Tickled Pink Knits on Ravelry. Super quick project using two strands of bulky weight wool.

Always & Forever Mitts

I made these mitts for a swap. And I will definitely be making more! The pattern was so quick & easy. I really enjoyed knitting these. They would make great gifts!

Pyroclastic Socks - 1 Down!

Here's my first Pyroclastic sock. These are turning out well. I love the pattern. They move quickly. Just need to cast on for the second one.

Twinkleberries - Finished

I finally finished my Twinkleberries which had been on my needles for over a month. But I'm super happy with these. The fit is terrific & I discovered just how well the short row toe fits my wide, fat feet. :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gull Stitch Dishcloth

This is a free pattern for the Gull Stitch Dishcloth. It is so lovely & makes a wonderful gift for someone you really want to make feel special!

Gull Stitch Dishcloth

2 Colors Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn
Size 7 needles

CO 42 sts in color 1. Knit 4 rows of your choice of border.

Row 1: (WS) In Color 1, K6, *P2, K5; rep. from * to last 8 sts, P2, K6.

Row 2: In Color 2, K6, Sl2wyib, *K5, sl2wyib; rep. from * to last 8 sts, sl2wyib, K6.

Row 3: In Color 2, K3, P3, sl2wyif, *P5, sl2wyif; rep. from * to last 8 sts, sl2wyif, P3, K3.

Rows 4-5: Repeat rows 2-3 in color two. Be sure to carry color one up the side of your work.

Row 6: In Color 1, K3, *K1, Right swap, Left Swap; rep. from * to last 4 sts, K4.

Repeat these 6 rows until desired length is reached.

Knit four rows of border.

Bind off.

*Right Swap: sl2wyib, drop next st (this should be the first sl st in color 1) off the needle & to front of work, slip the same 2 sts back to the left needle. Pick up & knit dropped stitch, K2.

*Left Swap: Drop next sl (C1) st off needle & hold to front of the work, K2, pick up and knit dropped stitch.