Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gull Stitch Dishcloth

This is a free pattern for the Gull Stitch Dishcloth. It is so lovely & makes a wonderful gift for someone you really want to make feel special!

Gull Stitch Dishcloth

2 Colors Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn
Size 7 needles

CO 42 sts in color 1. Knit 4 rows of your choice of border.

Row 1: (WS) In Color 1, K6, *P2, K5; rep. from * to last 8 sts, P2, K6.

Row 2: In Color 2, K6, Sl2wyib, *K5, sl2wyib; rep. from * to last 8 sts, sl2wyib, K6.

Row 3: In Color 2, K3, P3, sl2wyif, *P5, sl2wyif; rep. from * to last 8 sts, sl2wyif, P3, K3.

Rows 4-5: Repeat rows 2-3 in color two. Be sure to carry color one up the side of your work.

Row 6: In Color 1, K3, *K1, Right swap, Left Swap; rep. from * to last 4 sts, K4.

Repeat these 6 rows until desired length is reached.

Knit four rows of border.

Bind off.

*Right Swap: sl2wyib, drop next st (this should be the first sl st in color 1) off the needle & to front of work, slip the same 2 sts back to the left needle. Pick up & knit dropped stitch, K2.

*Left Swap: Drop next sl (C1) st off needle & hold to front of the work, K2, pick up and knit dropped stitch.


Anonymous said...

Hey do you think you can shrink the picture a bit. It takes covers the entire screen when I clicked to enlarge it. Cute blog by the way.

Erin said...

It must be your computer as it shows up a normal size on my computer. So I'm not sure where the issue is. I'll keep looking into it though.

Mary deB said...

Nice pattern!
The picture is normal-sized on the blog, but is gigantic when enlarged. Which seems like a good thing to me....