Friday, February 10, 2012

Siren Skid Hat

Here's a project using our Sofee Sock yarn! It is the Skinny Skid Hatby Stephen West. I am using the colorways Siren Song and Skinny Skid Blue.

A few girls from my Greenville Knits group have knit this hat, and I just loved them!! Obviously I needed to knit one for myself! Off I went to my "yarn shop" (aka my stash) and selected the Siren Song, but could not find a complementary color for it. So I dyed one. (Goodness, I love being able to just whip up a custom color for whatever I am working on!)

Onto the knitting! I cast on my stitches and got to the double knitting portion of the brim...uuuggghhhhhh, and I thought, "This really is pointless double knitting." But, I trudged on, determined to knit this the way it was written. About an inch into the double knitting, though, I hit a snag: I criss-crossed my colors the wrong way and if I knit with the blue strand the way I would naturally the pink would show through the blue portion of the brim. So, I had to pull the blue strand up through the pink that had snared it before starting my next round. Two rounds later it happened again.

At that point I lost all patience for the pointless double knitting, put the back color on a spare bit of yarn and knocked out the front portion of the brim on its own.

I'm enjoying this hat a lot more now that I've taken out the double knitting.

And here's how far I've gotten:
I got the front done and cast off, and I've finished the length of the back! Yay! Onto the body of the hat.