Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Book Review

Since I have "mastered" the Feathers & Fan pattern (the only pattern I've actually knitted!), I decided that I wanted to branch out. So in an effort to diversify my knitting efforts, I have been checking knitting books out at the library left & right! I got one today that I just have to rave about because it is awesome! The book is called 200 Stitch Patterns for Baby Blankets by Jan Eaton. Let me just say WOW! This book is for knitters & crocheters alike! She has a lot of cute patterns that are much different than what you can find online. Also, it's nice that she specifies which patterns are knitted & which ones are crocheted. If you're interested in making baby blankets as gifts or to sell, I would definitely recommend purchasing this book! (You could rent it from the library, but how would you ever write down all the fantastic patterns in it!)

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Eva said...

Congratulations on your new site!! I am so proud of my knitting sister!!