Friday, October 3, 2008

Ball Band Dishcloth

Jill & I were contemplating making this rag yesterday but decided on another pattern because we couldn't figure this one out. I don't know what mode my brain was in yesterday but when I looked at the pattern today, I felt silly that yesterday I couldn't figure it out.

I just love the way this dishcloth came out. My only complaint with it is that the sides aren't perfectly straight. I think next time I knit this, I'll add a border on the ends to keep this from happening. It's just going to sit in the kitchen so I'm not sure what difference it makes to others, but it matters to me!

I used Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Natural yarn, which is 100% cotton & size 8 needles. This pattern can be found here. Great pattern for a really cute, super scrubby washrag. I was able to complete this in a few hours today.

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snelson's said...

i LOVE it!!! i can't wait to get mine to you tomorrow so we (and by we i mean YOU!) can salvage it!!!