Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ian's Pixie Hat

I have been dying to make this hat for so long!! I finally decided to dive in and start it a few days ago. It's super easy to knit and knit up pretty quickly. However, it is way too big for a newborn baby. I even cast on less stitches after reading some of the notes of other people who have attempted this hat. Still too big. It fits my 18 month old just fine, but she will probably outgrow it before winter. Oh well. Thankfully I have half a skein left, so I will try again! This time with even less stitches!

The pattern is the Pixie Hat. I cast on 76 stitches using US 2 DPNs, and my yarn was Patons Stretch Socks. The color is Olive.

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Erin said...

Cute! I may just have to buy myself some of that yarn. For socks of course!