Monday, June 15, 2009

Wash Cloth Swap

I joined a dishcloth swap at my sister's urging, and have finally received the package containing all the dishcloths other people have knitted or crocheted. There were some really neat wash cloths in there, but I could only choose one. With all the other knitting I have been doing I have only had time to finish knitting one dishcloth. I was thoroughly excited, however, to open the package and see a wash cloth that my own darling sister had knitted. I had eyed it the whole time she knitted it, and had even gone so far as to tell her she needed to share the pattern. Who would have known I would be so fortunate as to actually have the chance to get it for myself?!! So here is the wash cloth I chose:

And here is the wash cloth I put in:

So, Thanks Erin!

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