Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cabled Button Toque

Here's the Cabled Button Toque I finished over this past weekend. You can find the pattern here. It only took me a few hours collectively, though I started it on a Friday and didn't finish it til Saturday or Sunday. I used size 13 straight needles for the brim and size 13 DPN's for the rest of the hat. The yarn is Country by Rowan in the color Birch. Now I just need to find a fancy button to put on the brim! I think I am going to make a matching one for my little girl, too.

This yarn was the first yarn I bought when I was teaching myself to knit. Unfortnately, it has taken me two years to find a project worthy of this yarn. I fell in love with all the different colors, and how the gray changes shades as well. I loved how thick and fluffy and squishy this yarn was, plus that it was single ply. Thick, single ply yarn somehow makes me feel like I'm knitting rustic-style, like people used to knit hundreds of years ago. It strikes me as wild, and I love that!

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Erin said...

Gorgeous hat as well as gorgeous yarn. Looks lovely & I can't wait to see it on you. Are you bringing it this weekend?