Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Catkin

So, my A-Froggin' We Shall Go cardi has been put on hold yet again. (And, quite frankly, I don't mind this time as I have had a big set back with it.) Now I am working on my gift to my mother for Mother's Day. I told her I would make the Catkin Shawl for her. I then left the choice of color and yarn options up to her and soon found myself hard-pressed to find what she wanted.

My mother wanted two shades of turquoise or teal, plus I had to be careful with the fiber content as she didn't like the wool piece she recently nicked from my sister. Hee hee. At first I regretted my decision of offering to knit this for her; I could not find anything at all that had two shades of the same color let alone that was more plant fiber than animal. I was ready to pull out my hair. Then, just as I had given up, a complete and total fluke led me to Knit Picks' Comfy fingering yarn, and I was saved! Really, who would have thought....

Anyhow, here's how far I've gotten:

Not so far, considering I've actually spent at least four hours on this thing. I have been doing a lot of tinking, and this is cotton yarn. All I have to say!

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