Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Every Witch Needs a Good Crow

So, here is my latest finished project.

These are the Bellatrix Socks designed by Monkey Toes, knitted with Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Socks that Rock Lightweight in the colorway Kaw Kaw.

There are some pluses and minuses to this pattern, but overall I am pretty pleased with the finished product.

I really like the look of the pattern.
I think this pattern makes for a comfortably droopy sock.
The lesser stitch count made for a nice-fitting sock around the foot, with the exception of the toe.

This sock was designed (I think) for a narrow foot(which I do not have), and it created a problem for me when I got to the toe. The first sock I completed hit a major snag there, and I had to rip back three times to try to fix it. It still came out horribly, but I will live with it as I am the kind of knitter that just wants to finish something after having redone it twice. So I just forced my way through the decreases in the toe by adding an extra row between decrease rows. The result was a very tight and pointy toe.

It verges on the ridiculous and uncomfortable, but I'll still wear it. I fixed the problem on the second sock by knitting half an inch more in stockinette, leaving me with only one and a half inches left to knit for the decreases. That did the trick perfectly and the second sock came out much more to my liking.

Because I switched out different needles sizes to get a more custom fit, these socks turned out looking more like deformed, shrunken Christmas Stockings. Oh still fits really well.

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Erin said...

haha! A deformed Christmas stocking! You're too funny.

They look great - as usual! Your knitting is always amazing.