Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bambino Taffy by Be Sweet

Bambino Taffy by Be Sweet
70% Organically Grown Cotton
30% Bamboo
1 Ball = 100 yards

Yarn Review:
This is a self-striping, textured, slightly thick and thin yarn. The texture of this yarn has a very nice rough/earthy look to it. The feel of the yarn is very soft. It feels like a broken in t-shirt. Wonderful! This is the first yarn with cotton in it that I have actually enjoyed working with. Although, to be fair, I haven't worked with many cotton yarns aside from Sugar N Cream, which is not one of my favorite yarns. The mixture of fibers also adds to the textured look of this yarn. The cotton is the soft, dull side, and the bamboo gives an extra kick with a little bit of sheen. If you are looking for a worsted weight yarn for a simple project this yarn is it. It has all the pizazz to make a simple project come to life.

Down side to this yarn: the producers created the self-striping effect by basically knotting five different colored yarns together.

I am not so crazy about that. I tried pulling two of the knots apart, and they held together very well. However, there is just something that I cannot get past mentally. It just seems to cheapen the yarn somehow.

Even with that one negative, I would still recommend this yarn, and I still really like this yarn.


Kimberly said...

does it have enough stretch to it, for something like a sock (something that needs a bit of stretch)

Peaches 'N Purls said...
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Peaches 'N Purls said...

It's not very stretchy. It's got a tiny bit of stretch to it. But since it's got a high cotton content, there's just not much give.

Eva said...

I don't think this yarn would work well for socks. It doesn't have any stretchy material in it to hold it together. The cotton would stretch out, but it would not stretch back in. Cotton is a fiber that "has no memory"; meaning, it doesn't remember the shape it had before it was stretched. I would look for a cotton yarn that had some nylon in it.

StampingJoan said...

So what did you end up doing with the knots? Did you still knit with it? Or cut them and weave in the ends? I bought some of this at my LYS with a baby hat pattern and haven't started it yet and now not sure if I want to. Don't want a bunch of knots on a baby's head!!

Eva said...

The knots were super tight, so I just left them in, if I could knit so they wouldn't show on the public side of the hat. However, some of the knots I did have to cut and just weave in the ends. I agree that having knots in a baby's hat can't be too comfortable!