Sunday, January 8, 2012

You May Be Wondering....

why we haven't been posting much about actual knitting projects.

My excuse is dyeing and Christmas, and sissy dearest's excuse is she has become a daytime nanny. Both excuses left us little time to knit and/or post about it. In my case, I couldn't post about my projects since they were all going to be presents for my family. Erin still has two extra kids at her house, plus a faulty computer, so I'm not quite sure how often she is going to be able to update the blog....

All that being said, here are pics of the projects I knit for the females in my fam for Christmas:

These are Susie's Reading Mitts in Lana Grossa's Chiara.

The first pair were for my older sister in the colorway #21-Celery. Second pair were for my younger sister in the colorway #01-Fuschia (my name for it since I couldn't find the color name). Third pair were for my mother in the colorway #29-Teal. Fourth pair were for my mother-in-law in the colorway #27-Silver Lilac. Last, a fifth pair were for my grandmother in colorway #28-Silver Fox (again, my name for it). I don't have a decent picture yet of my grandmother's pair yet, so you'll just have to use your imagination.

I knit so many of these, that I had a whole system going for them. I would knit the main body of them on size 8's, knit the thumb on 9's and bind-off the thumb using two size 9's held together. Try as I may with size 10's, I still could not get a thumb BO that would be easy to slide down. Also, I knit fewer rows before the eyelet row on the bottom and fewer rows after the eyelet row on the top for the hem. Otherwise my hem edge ran into the lace section. My other mod was to only knit one row before and after the eyelet row of the lace section. This is an excellent pattern! Super easy and really fast to knit.

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