Friday, November 20, 2009

Chinook Shawl

This is a shawl that I am absolutely in love with. I love the pattern, and I love the colors! I bought this as a kit from KnitPicks in late Spring or early Summer of this year, and it has been sitting in a box ready to go ever since. I have gotten myself ready for this project in increments. In the Summer I made all the stitch markers I would need (or so I thought). Late Summer I knit the gauge swatch; mid-Autumn I re-made the stitch markers previously created due to the fact that jump rings with a bead on them don't keep their place when used with lace. I packed all my accoutrements and yarn into one of my knitting boxes and headed out the door. I got my stitches cast on, and got to the second row which consists of purling and placing markers only to find out that I had not made enough stitch markers and could not continue until I got back home to make more stitch markers. Total bummer.

After that minor set-back I have now knit through the first chart and arrived at the start of the second. I also arrived at my first problem with this pattern. The second chart is numbered incorrectly, which, thankfully, is a minor problem that is easily fixed. I am off and knitting again! So far, I highly recommend this pattern to anyone who wants to knit a shawl for the first time. The pattern only consists of knitting, purling, yo, k2tog, and p2tog. Those are pretty easy stitches. I think the hardest thing would be just keeping track of where you are in the pattern, which is a problem with all projects.

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